The "Palio del Barone" is a historical commemoration having its origins in the ancient historical traditions of Tortoreto.
In A.D. 1234 Tortoreto was gogverned by Baron Robert, who supported Emperor Federico II as did his neighbouring friends, the Dukes of Acquaviva.
The Emperor sent his deputy, Rinaldo of Brunforte, who had just married Foresteria, daughter of Duke Rainaldl of Acquaviva, to visit the barony of Tortoreto; of the occasion Sir Robert organized great festivities with games, music and dances. This is the occasion, the historical event that "Due Torri" Cultural, Recreational and Drama Association, promoter of the performance, wants to revive in the most suitable of settings: the heart of the Old Town of Tortoreto.
The mediaeval historical commemoration of the Palio del Barone, celebrated by the press and television as one of the most important regional events, has come to its 12th edition and it has been recognised byTortoreto Town Council as a "Big Event" .
The performances is promoted by the "Due Torri" Cultural, Recreational and Drama Association, who carry out their efforts incessantly, year after year, in order to both improve and make the event more and more evocative. Three notable evenings will be put forward for this 10th edition: The first will be held in Tortoreto Lido (on the coast), the other two in the historical centre of Tortoreto. The three evenings will be as follows:
- the evening of the 11th of August will be a prologue to the Palio del Barone; it will take place for the first time in Tortoreto Lido (on the coast), where actors, armigers, stilt-walkers, flagbearers etc. will go on parade.
the evening of the 16th of August will be characterised by the solemn blessing of the Banner, as well as by a historical performance along the main streets of the centre, the appearance of historical groups, the meeting between the Dukes of Acquaviva and Sir Robert, besides several games and original medieval shows. Two districts will compete for the Banner, once the symbol of victory, prestige and supremacy: the district of Terravecchia, whose emblem is the turtle dove, and the district of Terranova, represented by the crow.
Many thanks to the guest delegations.
We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all those who, sensitive to such commemorations, offered their support, allowing us to plan and bring this project to fruition.

The President
Ennio Guercioni